Qualiservice’s guidelines on preparing, archiving and sharing qualitative research data are available below.

Additional guidelines are currently being revised and will be published soon. If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Guideline on the contextualization of qualitative research data

The contextualization of primary research enables secondary users to gain a better understanding of the research topic, the research design, and the methods used in the primary research project. Primary researchers can provide any materials for contextualization that they consider useful. The minimum requirement for the contextualization of research data at Qualiservice is a study report, which will be assigned a persistent identifier (DOI). This study report, together with the metadata, serves to showcase your data and will be published internationally.

Guideline on the preparation of a study report (contextualization) (in German).


Guideline on the anonymization of research data

Qualiservice has developed an anonymization scheme that replaces sensitive information with more abstract information. For example, names of localities will not simply be transformed into “city A” or “city B” but to “location A – a mid-sized city in southern Germany.” The level of abstraction for anonymization depends on the study content. The aim is to anonymize sensitive information while retaining relevant detail for re-using the data to its fullest.

The guidelines for the anonymization of research data are currently still in development. In the meantime, please refer to the Qualiservice anonymization scheme (in German).


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