Quality Management

Close cooperation with researchers

Cooperating closely with researchers is one of the most important elements for delivering high-quality research data. A trusting relationship and tight collaboration with researchers form the foundation of our work at Qualiservice and help us develop first-class services tailored to their needs. In addition to direct exchange and continuous cooperation with individual researchers, Qualiservice is actively involved with several research communities and engages in debates on archiving, sharing and re-using qualitative research data.

Accreditation by the German Data Forum (RatSWD)

Qualiservice was accredited by the German Data Forum (RatSWD) in June 2019 as a scientific research data center (RDC). It is thus part of a network of sophisticated and sustainable research infrastructures and one of the few RDCs that enables access to qualitative research data. All RDCs are accredited by the RatSWD according to uniform and transparent criteria. The central monitoring commission of the RatSWD assumes external quality assurance functions.

In July 2016, the RatSWD set up a Complaints Office. Via a contact form on the RatSWD website, you can report unresolved problems when using data provided by the RDCs. The contact form as well as details on the office's mandate and procedures are available on the monitoring and complaints website of the RatSWD.


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Ticket System

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